Global Mission Agent Formation Program

Our flagship GEMN Global Mission Agent Formation Program consists of two half-day sessions over a two-year period, held in conjunction with our annual GEMN Global Mission Conferences. In addition to attending two Global Mission Conferences, students will explore mission theology, history, discernment, short-term mission themes, and project development.

Participants are required to complete reading, fieldwork assignments, and a mission report, receiving certification as Global Mission Agents upon completion of the program.  Those interested in attending may register for the program along with their conference registration.  Consider becoming an important resource for your church or diocese, as well as the Episcopal Church through GEMN’s Global Mission Agent Formation Program.  See below for details.


  • Explore the theological basis for mission and demonstrate a knowledge of theological reflection.
  • Understand Anglican Mission history.
  • Understand discernment processes.
  • Study approaches to the formation of mission committees.
  • Acquire knowledge of available resources for mission and mission networking.
  • Know the Episcopal Church’s:
    • Standards for Sending Long Term Missionaries.
    • Standards for Receiving and Hosting Mission visitors.
  • Learn essentials of preparing for short term mission trips.
  • Explore a variety of methods for mission promotion and recruitment.
  • Encourage youth in mission.


  • Attend the half day Formation Sessions directly prior to two annual GEMN Institutes.
  • Participate in four workshops per Institute (8 total), three of which must be noted as Formation requisites. (6 total).
  • Conduct fieldwork between Institutes.
  • Complete required readings and some optional readings from the Formation Program Bibliography and submit an evaluation of each book. Click here for the Annotated Bibliography (PDF).
  • Attend a diocesan or regional mission event. (optional/encouraged)
  • Participate on a foreign or domestic mission team. (optional/encouraged)

The Formation Program is a project related to mission awareness or mission activities, local or global, and mentored by a Formation Program graduate. The participant is required to submit an update to the mentor in January, with a final written report due at the next Institute. Examples of appropriate fieldwork:

  • A diocesan mission inventory.
  • Identification of local mission activities.
  • A study of Companions in Transformation.
  • Formation of a diocesan or parish mission committee.
  • Participation on a foreign or domestic mission team.

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